Matriz de interoperabilidade Oracle entre versões de client e database

Através do Doc ID 207303.1, é possível identificar quais versões de client são suportadas para cada versão de Database. 

A utilização de um client inadequado pode impactar diretamente nos serviços que utilizam do mesmo, seja através de uma indisponibilidade, da queda de performance ou mesmo de uma intermitência das conexões,

Abaixo, temos uma tabela que simplifica a matriz de operabilidade entre as versões de Oracle Client e versões de Oracle Database.

Server Version
12.1.0YesYesWasMDS #7No #3No #3
11.2.0YesYesWasMDS #7NoWas #5
11.1.0WasWasWasWas #7Was #6Was #5
10.2.0MDS #7MDS #7Was #7MDSWasWas #5
10.1.0(#4)NoWas #6Was #6WasWasWas
9.2.0No#8Was #5Was #5Was #5WasWas

ESSupported but fixes only possible for customers with Extended Support .
LES or MDSSupported but fixes only possible for customer with a valid Limited Extended Support or Market-Driven Support contract respectively.
WasWas a supported combination but one of the releases is no longer covered by any of Premier Support , Primary Error Correct support , Extended Support nor Extended Maintenance Support so fixes are no longer possible.
NoHas never been Supported
Specific Notes:
  • #1 - See Note:207319.1
  • #2 - An ORA-3134 error is incorrectly reported if a 10g client tries to connect to an or lower server. See Note:3437884.8 .
  • #3 - An ORA-3134 error is correctly reported when attempting to connect to this version.
  • #4 - There are problems connecting from a 10g client to 8i/9i where one is EBCDIC based. See Note:3564573.8
  • #5 - For connections between 10.2 (or higher) and 9.2 the 9.2 end MUST be at or higher. Connections between 10.2 (or higher) and, or have never been supported.
  • #6 - For connections between 11.1 (or higher) database server and 10.1 / 10.2 database server across a database link the 10g end MUST be at / (or higher) respectively in order to use PLSQL between those versions. (This does not apply to normal 11g clients to 10g database server only server to server and a few very specific client products, such as Oracle Forms). See Note:4511371.8 for more details.
  • #7 - For database link connections between 11.1 (or higher) and 10.2 the 10g end MUST be at (or higher) in order to use PLSQL between those versions. SeeNote:4511371.8 for more details.
  • #8 - Attempting to connect from 9.2 to 12.1 will fail with an "ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol" error.

Fonte:Client / Server Interoperability Support Matrix for Different Oracle Versions (Doc ID 207303.1)

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